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Vision & Mission


The first choice for investors in the industrial sector, and the key contributor to its progress and sustainability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Develop, empower and manage sustainable industrial cities to encourage innovation, and provide advanced infrastructure and remarkable services for a prosperous economy and vital society in line with the aspirations of the Kingdom and partners.


•  Empowerment
We enable teamwork and promote cooperative and trustful work with our employees and partners to achieve our mutual objectives and the Kingdom’s vision.

•  Development and innovation
We have the human capital, determination and motivation to meet new challenges, and we are committed to innovation and continuous development for value-added partnership.

•  Excellence
We strive to perform our works in accordance with the highest standards, best practices and governance that meet our partners’ aspiration. We also constantly develop new techniques for excellent performance level.

•  Customer focus
We resolutely seek to serve our clients and engage stakeholders with honesty and respect, and we are committed to establish strong and integral relations through adopting innovative ideas and sharing them with our partners.

•  Social responsibility
We are committed to support and develop our society, protect our environment, the optimal use of our natural resources and quality-of-life possibilities for all segments of society

•  Accountability
We have clearly understood and agreed upon goals, objectives, measures and roles and responsibilities, and acknowledge that our rewards and consequences are directly tied to our performance.

•  Team Work
We have an unwavering commitment to working as effective team members and partners through productive, collaborative, and trusting team relationships across the organization, as well as with our customers.

•  Transparency
We are transparent with each other in all our dealings. We continuously share knowledge and information, and always work hard to encourage open communication with all our stakeholders.

•  Commitment
We honor our commitments to employees, communities, customers, and stakeholders while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

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